Tuesday, January 12, 2010

3 idiots - 3 dots

So it seems 3 idiots is a big hit! Chetan bhagat also acknowledged it after a much publicized battle with Amir Khan. There are some dots which i figured in the scheme of things:

Dot 1 - I was just sitting and reading an article which was highlighting, how new age cinema is much more meaningful. Everyone echoes the fact that the movie told the story of 'Follow your dreams' with Rancho as the leader.

Dot 2 - However, in the same news paper I read about the rise in number of suicides in Mumbai. The extent of these suicides is such that government is planning to open a committee to look into the matter.

Dot 3 - Our movies are targeted towards a certain audience, who are likely to take the message in the right light and completely. But the exposure and reach of movies is such that there is no control on how and what people can gather from a movie.

I just happen to join the dots and heres what I think I found:

3 idiots also told a story about another guy (according to the narration, he was just like Rancho), though he could not cope up with the pressure in life and succumbed (of course after singing a song, which by far is the most common dialer tone now, which means many people can relate to that song).

so, if many people can relate to the song and obviously, can relate to his situation why is it not possible that people might take the route he took.

I am not saying, many people are depressed and they want to die. But the glorified 'I quit' suddenly added glamor to suicide. It almost told us that the best way to make a person relaize he is wrong, is to make him suffer from guilt. It was the easy route, alright, the tough one was taken by Rancho. But is it not that many people want that easy route rather than the tough one. More importantly when it comes power packed with a nice punch line.

I discussed it with a friend and got a reply - "Balls". I would have taken it as a good reply, but the same evening I came across a poster which read

Suicide is our way of telling God- "You cant fire me. I QUIT".
I rest my case!


Niketa said...

A good point made...just 2-3 days back my 19 year old cousin was narrating me a case of suicide...one of her friend who was pursuing engineering committed suicide after getting a year drop... i just instantly felt was it was an effect of watching 3 idiots overall she was a good student that's why she opted for science and engineering and she was also the kind who wanted to have fun in life...enjoy the good things in life and all not just being a typical geeky science student...another point that pops up in my mind ..other day I was just hearing Amir Khan on some random tv channel...he opined that he personally didnt approve of the movie BLACK b'coz it promotes child abuse as that kid was regularly beaten up giving wrong message to parents etc etc..So when it comes down to his movies he acts like an intellectual hypocrite

sonal jhuj said...

as human beings, we have a tendency to simplify everything.
a person who attempts suicide cannot be an otherwise good student, or one who wants to have fun in life. by that yardstick nobody would ever commit suicide. but people do.

suicide can surely be triggered by something but it eats at an internal or unhappiness.

how many times have we heard that an otherwise cheery child jumps to her death. it's not because she saw it on TV and thought what the heck, why not!

As humans, we are extremely capable of hiding what we really feel.

Surely you don't believe that watching a movie (which by the way isnt the first one to show suicide) is enough to push an otherwise happy person to suicide.

There's so much much more to human psychology than just 3 idiots.

I urge you to open your mind to that.

thisisme... said...

conclusion was good. a well written article...kudos

Simran said...

Well, We Indians(no offences as it includes me also) just can't differ in reel and real life. Majority of kids think that if they follow movies they get happy endings. Here i can't blame those who committed suicide or who made the movie which triggered this fine idea 'I QUIT', the only one to blame is the society in which we live. People don't accept you for what you are but they accept you humbly with a smile for what you are trying to be. We are not in habit of living life simple, complications give a narcotic effect these days, we are addicted to it. May be thats how newspapers get there revenue or blockbusters have few weird hits. But it will change(I hope) and people will respect each others thoughts, ideas and expression as they expect for themselves.

Rahul Singh Parmar said...

very good.... i agree...

Ayesha said...

well thought and well said! kudos!

Anonymous said...

Badebhai, honestly..I dont agree with ur "I Quit" story..your thoughts migh have a completely different angle but as I understand..Sorry, I dont agree.

Ya, some cowards now have an Heroic EXCUSE on their suicide note.. "You Fuc**** cant fire me, I quit".
my A**!

Priyanka said...

Suicide is not chosen; it happens
when pain exceeds
resources for coping with pain.

This is what i think. Thoughts may differ
And i liked the last line....:)

Anonymous said...

hmm...I have not seen the movie yet so can't really relate to the article I do feel the gist of what you are trying to convey.

Actually the only thing that keeps me going is quite the opposite to what your last line was. My thoughts "I will live life on my terms or die trying to and there is nothing GOD can do about that."