Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Steve's Job!

This is not an act of blasphemy or insult. I just use an iPod (gifted to me) and no other Apple product. I loved the designs though and I also dint think, that they were over priced. I knew who Steve Jobs was and frankly, I never thought about him when I saw any Apple (White or Red).

So, the point I am making here and the whole spiel was for this - Late Mr. Steve Jobs' death did not affect my immediate life although he defined my surroundings. I never realized how much Steve was in my surroundings, till the time, they started changing. Its like knowing about a gun and its trigger and bullets and the 'click' vis a vis holding one in your hand and loading it. The feeling is almost unreal, it shakes something inside. It asks you to shoot at something, to unviel the power, to feel the rush. You can control it obviously, just holding it doesnt make you a maniac but for one split second it comes at you. Coming back! the world started changing as if, it was an inernatioinal uprising.

Suddenly, Steve Jobs was in my life without knowing. He was everywhere. I couldn't not think about him and how he changed the world, as they say. News papers, magazines, blogs, phone msgs, status updates, i am sure one biography is on its way. It was like a capsule course on Steve's life, a week long course, where even his India visit and some connections to LSD were not overlooked.

So after all the things that were changing around me, what inrigued me most, was the legacy he left behind. No, not the apple legacy, but a feeling that made lot of us, raise the bar. Everywhere people were not just stating facts. They were telling, how it impacted them.

All the words that were written about him were more 'creative'. Now, 'creativity in writing' for me, is to encompass a lot of 'worlds' in simple and understandable and thought provoking manner (and I dont consider myself creative in writing, so fill in the gaps).

I need to digress - Nawab Pataudi Dead, Indian Cricket loses the Nawab; Ghazal Maestro Died. Jaane woh kaunsa des... RIP Jagjit Singh.

People wrote about what these two were famous for. What they did. How good they were at it. What a huge loss it has been.

BUT, did we start singing or writing Ghazals more, or even listening more? Did we net practiced for an hour longer? In Steve's case, people started creating. People innovated. isad, Steve took the iway to heaven, Steve retires, the 'bite' in Apple is gone, 4 Apples changed the world - Adam, eve, Newton and Steve's.

I seriously think that fb should ask, 'why something's on your mind'. Then there will be lots of stories. but thats for some other time. People generally follow what fb says, yours truly including. I too write 'whats on my mind' but with Steve they 'thought differently'. They were being more!! He showed us, the true meaning of being multi-dimensional and carrying the world with you and all along, being the world.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

We love you, try and not be foolish!!

So, you like it (your bag) on the bed, and you wear pink bra. Good to know, ask me, I needn't know.

All you girls who get these priveate SMS about spreading breast cancer awareness, and join the bandwagon, just sit back for a minute and think. How many of you have really gone in the washrooms and examined your breasts for that dreaded lump. If you haven't got what I am talking about, thats my point exactly.

Now, if you want, I can help, just post the following text on your facebook and believe me, you will spread much more awareness about breast cancer than telling us about your bra colours.

Periodic breast self exams are essential for early identification and treatment. The breast self-exam should be done regularly every month immediately following the menstrual cycle. Step 1- Visual Inspection Look for any changes in the skin over breast like redness, swelling or puckering and nipple changes like discharge, scaling or indentation. Step 2 - Tactile Inspection There are three ways to physically examine the breasts. The Circle method The Line method, and The wedge method The Circle Method: Move the three middle fingers in a circular fashion starting from the outer edge of the breast towards the nipple. The Line Method: Move the three middle fingers starting from underarm area down below the breast. Move slowly back upwards. Repeat this until the entire breast is felt. Wedge method: Move the three middle fingers beginning at the outer edge towards the nipple. Repeat the procedure for every wedge until the entire breast is felt. Regardless of the method, the objective is to feel the entire breast and observing any abnormal changes. The breast should be soft and smooth to the touch. Pay special attention to check the underarm and upper chest areas. Feel the entire breast Breast should be soft and smooth. Observe for abnormal changes. Check under arm and upper chest areas.

Agreed, it is more cheesy and fun, but dont get foolish. We love you for what you are, but dont disappoint us by falling prey to these idiotic campaigns.

"Pink" - my bra colour
"I like it on bed" - my bag

what next...

"I like it shaved" - my arm pits....

Friday, May 7, 2010


He: I wont Quit
She: I wont try
What does that mean
Thats for you to decide
Do you mean, I should quit
Of course not, just live this bit
You made me skip a beat
Ha ha, you just shot yourself on the feet
If this is a test I am failing miserably
You would have hated me if I told all this amicably
Here, take it, its a gift
Damn, still haven't got my drift??
I guess I will have to think
Ha ha, I told you, you 'll QUIT..... and the argument continues

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

3 idiots - 3 dots

So it seems 3 idiots is a big hit! Chetan bhagat also acknowledged it after a much publicized battle with Amir Khan. There are some dots which i figured in the scheme of things:

Dot 1 - I was just sitting and reading an article which was highlighting, how new age cinema is much more meaningful. Everyone echoes the fact that the movie told the story of 'Follow your dreams' with Rancho as the leader.

Dot 2 - However, in the same news paper I read about the rise in number of suicides in Mumbai. The extent of these suicides is such that government is planning to open a committee to look into the matter.

Dot 3 - Our movies are targeted towards a certain audience, who are likely to take the message in the right light and completely. But the exposure and reach of movies is such that there is no control on how and what people can gather from a movie.

I just happen to join the dots and heres what I think I found:

3 idiots also told a story about another guy (according to the narration, he was just like Rancho), though he could not cope up with the pressure in life and succumbed (of course after singing a song, which by far is the most common dialer tone now, which means many people can relate to that song).

so, if many people can relate to the song and obviously, can relate to his situation why is it not possible that people might take the route he took.

I am not saying, many people are depressed and they want to die. But the glorified 'I quit' suddenly added glamor to suicide. It almost told us that the best way to make a person relaize he is wrong, is to make him suffer from guilt. It was the easy route, alright, the tough one was taken by Rancho. But is it not that many people want that easy route rather than the tough one. More importantly when it comes power packed with a nice punch line.

I discussed it with a friend and got a reply - "Balls". I would have taken it as a good reply, but the same evening I came across a poster which read

Suicide is our way of telling God- "You cant fire me. I QUIT".
I rest my case!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Explosion of media killed the desire of immortality

"Men are haunted by the vastness of eternity. And so we ask ourselves: will our actions echo across the centuries? Will strangers hear our names long after we are gone, and wonder who we were, how bravely we fought, how fiercely we loved?"

Its a line that has left an impression on my mind ever since I saw 'Troy'. What does this mean? What is the vastness of eternity?

The lines were written in a perspective where no one ever thought that the events will ever be recorded so menacingly (I used this word just to emphasise the fact how the information age is now evolving). At that time, only the 'very' relevant events and names were recorded and that too by a 'very' few people.

The complete motivation of people would have been to do something which can be relevant to those certain few.

The explosion of media has now ensured that the names and events are registered as and when they happen. There are thousands of writers all accross the globe who earn their breads, doing just that. Also, the kind of things we are exposed to now, we always have to keep our internal firewall activated. I, for one, do not want to know how much taller is Padmalakshmi from Rushdie or who is the expert on hair loss control (I dont have any, as I write this). The money involved in the business makes it worse, the skew seeps in and the credibility rushes out (note the comparison between seeps and rushes).

Unlike, in earlier times, when the journals were maintained as a habit and as an act of philanthropy.

Now, I know, that whatever information I require, I can get it just sitting on my chair. I would not have to ask people, research about it or dig the graves. The explosion in media has made immortals out of every one. I dare say, we all are immortals. Google helped us in doing so. Who started Google? (most of us would need to Google it, and there we find Larry Page and Sergey Brin immortalized on Wikipedia).

The point being, the information recording and information mining, both are now far more easier than they were earlier.

The sale of 'The discovery of India' and 'My experiments with truth' have declined over the years, we are relaxed that any moment we want an update on the people or the books, we will find it. Somewhere on the media. Then why to take the pains of doing the acts which makes us immortal. The vastness of eternity? Humbug!! the servers will outlast any thing, even cockroaches, if not, the back-up will.

It is just the media explosion that has changed. Achillies now features in Oxford dictionary and the bravehearts of Kargil will be Googled.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Cricket v/s Ride

Riding on my bike or driving a borrowed car always gives me a high. I feel a sudden rush of testosterone in my body, a feeling which you can get when you realize that you are in control of a dangerous machine.

But mind is one good triple jumper, it hops twice before taking the final leap. The second leap of my mind was of a cricket match. A match where I was taking guard in the last over and my team required exactly six runs to win.

Suddenly, with the knob of accelerator in my hand and clutch fully popped, I saw the relation between these two thoughts. The road below suddenly became my pitch, where I had to stay in balance. The curator laid a pitch which is friendly for the host team (the team you are up against). On this deadly pitch I have to wield the handle in my hands to perfection. One slight misjudgment can break you completely. I still remember India tour of WI, India won 1st match of the 5 match series. 2nd match, last wicket, India requiring 2 runs off 3 ball, Yuvraj misjudged a yorker and the ball landed on the wickets, making a profuse sound of leather banged on wood. That sound was muffled in the noise of the crowd, appreciating the home team, but I guess it ricocheted in the minds of the Indian team as India lost 1-4 there on.

Accidents on the road have a similar effect, I tried to flay a man on the road with my bike, ended up in a hospital with a freshly stitched upper lip and cursing my misjudgment, and 'broken' to an extent that I did not drive the bike for almost 6 months (out of fear).

Once on the road, you begin to realize that you are playing against fielders with a class of Jonty Rhodes. probably these people, just like Jonty, have wings instead of hair in their armpits. They are every where, you cannot find gaps in between, they run at an atrocious pace and their only objective in life is to stop you.

Slowly you try to make yourself understand that cricket began with Test matches and the proceedings can be slow. So you adjust and play along slowly, and the opposition now tries to restrict your bat swing also - 'The Slips'. Looking at the yellow poles of the traffic signals you cannot help but remember Australian fielders, who would throw directly at your stumps, just before you reach your crease. I actually count the signals I find green, very rarely I hit a six.

On occasional intervals you find the field spread out and running between the wickets is not a problem, the wind in the opposite direction plays the trick, the ball starts swinging. While driving you notice that the traffic flowing in the 'opposite' direction swings towards you and just when you prepare yourself it swings past you. This is one feat only Wasim Akram could do at will, only he used to deal in inches not in feet.

The audience - just like in Jamaica, if a batsman gets caught in the slips or finds a lovely gap, they always rush on the ground, slowing things down, further.

You build up your innings with singles and doubles, finding gaps through various field settings, carrying the weight of the helmet and expectations on our head, constantly maintaining the focus, negotiating the turns and swings, keeping the judgment right and dodging the crowd, you reach to your team. And you can only say - What a Match

Thursday, September 6, 2007

We think we are living, and then we meet LIFE.

Psychological Convenience

In the previous post, i had mentioned about sharing my experiences. Experiences, as we all know stem from the attitude with which we approach a situation and then build an impression in our minds about that situation. Its not that the situation is bad or good, its basically our attitude.
Now coming to the point straight away. I decided to write my new post on Psychological Convenience. I had a notion in mind that Human beings are, more often than not, driven by Psychological Convenience (PC). The trigger of this thought was an incident which happened with me a few days back:

Nat west Series Penultimate match - India was chasing a crazy target of 314. I was in my office at that time and was glancing on the score on internet. As fate would have had it, i got a badge with Indian tri-colours lying unclaimed. From the moment I sported it on my shirt, till the time i left for home; it attracted attention of 5 people. As the saying goes - Great minds think alike (read as Fools seldom Differ), all of those 5 remarked - "Independence Day is long gone. why you sporting this badge, now?"

I was thrown into the world of my thoughts and pondered:
Why people are expected to show certain emotions only on an expected date and time, these emotions should be imbibed in us and should be reflected in our actions on a continuous basis? right?

India is free since 60 years. does that mean that we should celebrate Independence only 60 times. We should be celebrating each and every second of it, but that requires effort.

To quote another example, we all go to our 'Place of Worship' to thank God.

Do we actually need an external medium or an Idol to thank God for our existence. Why cant we just close our eyes and say a hearty thanks. But that also requires control on our minds, that requires a thought-less mind. Its not, that when we visit a temple, we are thought less, but it certainly gives us a sense of 'Doing Effort'. We fool ourselves that yes, I have taken the physical pain of visiting a temple, so I can be relieved from my Psychological Effort. a sheer case of Psychological Convenience.

The outcome was a Swirling mind which reached a conclusion that people believe in PC and their every action is governed by this simple logic.

Now the other side of the coin (God is in the Details)

While i was still planning to write my new post and abolish, defame and ridicule this concept of PC, I realized PC is not that bad a thing.

I was watching 'Scent of a Woman' - I heard the Dialogue "The day you stop dreaming Charlie, the day yo Die". i was hearing this dialogue, immortalized by Al Pacino for the nth time. this time round it sounded different. it struck somewhere.

We all are born as mortals and Aspirations keep us alive. These aspirations motivate us to perform various tasks in a single day. We all are in a race against time and we are not capable of doing all the things at the same time but we Aspire to beat time, hence we require crutches. These crutches support us when we are off-balance in life. But what is important is the knowledge about what a crutch is serving, what it is meant for. Why we are leaning on to PC in a situation when ideally we should not. We cannot do away without these crutches. we cannot be Perfect.
Though we should be very careful in what we are choosing, if we choose to lean on to PC in a situation, it better have a low opportunity cost.

Conclusion: Perfection is a trap - if we strive to achieve perfection in everything we do, we would end up spending substantial time in doing that, we just need to make sure that we have that much time to invest or not.

Message: Analyze every second you exist.