Sunday, October 17, 2010

We love you, try and not be foolish!!

So, you like it (your bag) on the bed, and you wear pink bra. Good to know, ask me, I needn't know.

All you girls who get these priveate SMS about spreading breast cancer awareness, and join the bandwagon, just sit back for a minute and think. How many of you have really gone in the washrooms and examined your breasts for that dreaded lump. If you haven't got what I am talking about, thats my point exactly.

Now, if you want, I can help, just post the following text on your facebook and believe me, you will spread much more awareness about breast cancer than telling us about your bra colours.

Periodic breast self exams are essential for early identification and treatment. The breast self-exam should be done regularly every month immediately following the menstrual cycle. Step 1- Visual Inspection Look for any changes in the skin over breast like redness, swelling or puckering and nipple changes like discharge, scaling or indentation. Step 2 - Tactile Inspection There are three ways to physically examine the breasts. The Circle method The Line method, and The wedge method The Circle Method: Move the three middle fingers in a circular fashion starting from the outer edge of the breast towards the nipple. The Line Method: Move the three middle fingers starting from underarm area down below the breast. Move slowly back upwards. Repeat this until the entire breast is felt. Wedge method: Move the three middle fingers beginning at the outer edge towards the nipple. Repeat the procedure for every wedge until the entire breast is felt. Regardless of the method, the objective is to feel the entire breast and observing any abnormal changes. The breast should be soft and smooth to the touch. Pay special attention to check the underarm and upper chest areas. Feel the entire breast Breast should be soft and smooth. Observe for abnormal changes. Check under arm and upper chest areas.

Agreed, it is more cheesy and fun, but dont get foolish. We love you for what you are, but dont disappoint us by falling prey to these idiotic campaigns.

"Pink" - my bra colour
"I like it on bed" - my bag

what next...

"I like it shaved" - my arm pits....


paracetamol said...

I totally agree. How does hiding the message behind such gimmicks make it loud and clear? It doesn't. We need to get literal.

Divya said...

I couldn't have agreed more. But, it's unfortunate that women don't understand. Hope this blog would reach out to more women than the campaign (which apparently was no fun, but a waste).

Priyanka said...

Agreed(Never thought i would).Though the intention is in its right place and the initiative should be appreciated,but the execution somehow isn't appropriate. I think there should be a campaign to motivate women to get themselves checked..

sonaljhuj said...

yep. agreed. which is what i've been saying all along. but i like these campaigns for one thing, they help me see my facebook 'friends' for who they really are :|