Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Steve's Job!

This is not an act of blasphemy or insult. I just use an iPod (gifted to me) and no other Apple product. I loved the designs though and I also dint think, that they were over priced. I knew who Steve Jobs was and frankly, I never thought about him when I saw any Apple (White or Red).

So, the point I am making here and the whole spiel was for this - Late Mr. Steve Jobs' death did not affect my immediate life although he defined my surroundings. I never realized how much Steve was in my surroundings, till the time, they started changing. Its like knowing about a gun and its trigger and bullets and the 'click' vis a vis holding one in your hand and loading it. The feeling is almost unreal, it shakes something inside. It asks you to shoot at something, to unviel the power, to feel the rush. You can control it obviously, just holding it doesnt make you a maniac but for one split second it comes at you. Coming back! the world started changing as if, it was an inernatioinal uprising.

Suddenly, Steve Jobs was in my life without knowing. He was everywhere. I couldn't not think about him and how he changed the world, as they say. News papers, magazines, blogs, phone msgs, status updates, i am sure one biography is on its way. It was like a capsule course on Steve's life, a week long course, where even his India visit and some connections to LSD were not overlooked.

So after all the things that were changing around me, what inrigued me most, was the legacy he left behind. No, not the apple legacy, but a feeling that made lot of us, raise the bar. Everywhere people were not just stating facts. They were telling, how it impacted them.

All the words that were written about him were more 'creative'. Now, 'creativity in writing' for me, is to encompass a lot of 'worlds' in simple and understandable and thought provoking manner (and I dont consider myself creative in writing, so fill in the gaps).

I need to digress - Nawab Pataudi Dead, Indian Cricket loses the Nawab; Ghazal Maestro Died. Jaane woh kaunsa des... RIP Jagjit Singh.

People wrote about what these two were famous for. What they did. How good they were at it. What a huge loss it has been.

BUT, did we start singing or writing Ghazals more, or even listening more? Did we net practiced for an hour longer? In Steve's case, people started creating. People innovated. isad, Steve took the iway to heaven, Steve retires, the 'bite' in Apple is gone, 4 Apples changed the world - Adam, eve, Newton and Steve's.

I seriously think that fb should ask, 'why something's on your mind'. Then there will be lots of stories. but thats for some other time. People generally follow what fb says, yours truly including. I too write 'whats on my mind' but with Steve they 'thought differently'. They were being more!! He showed us, the true meaning of being multi-dimensional and carrying the world with you and all along, being the world.

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